Zach loved to golf and was always up for a gamve of Best Ball or Captain and Crew. I miss those days when we would head down to hole #1 and find the Larson family along with the Schmeichel’s there waiting for us just to play a friendly game.


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Zach played football until his sophomore year. Football was never his specialty but he played hard and always wanted to help the team.


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September 13, 1985 to July 27, 2004  ALWAYS IN OUR MEMORY

Zach had many Hobbies and Projects that he became involved in. He would never participate unless he could dedicate the time needed to succeed. Hobbies included: Hockey, Bowling, Golf, Card Tricks, Magic Tricks, Ping Pong, Poker, Dominoes and he loved his art projects.

Zach had made a decision to remain drug and alcohol free. In the fall of his senior year he worked with the Ortonville High School Key Club to take a stand against “poor choices”. With the help of the Key Club they mailed out over 1,100 letters to students and parents to “advertise” his choice. He became a leader and not a follower on this issue.

Zach loved to bowl and work hard at being the best he could be. He rallied a team of fellow seniors to win the Monday Night Mens League in 2004 at the Alley Cat Lanes. Zach also rolled a personal best 267 during the seasons run to the championship.

For those of you that have ever been a victim of one of Zach’s “gottcha” card or magic tricks. Close your eyes and imagine the smirk on his face once he knew he had you….What a pleasant memory

As you know, Zach loved his art project. For those of you that gets to Alley Cat Lanes in Ortonville, take a look at one of Zach’s original prints framed and hung there by Bruce and his family in Zach’s memory. To the right is a clay model of the “Mutts Cutts” wagon from “Dumb and Dumber”.

Zach began his hockey career right here in Ortonville in 1997. He started in the defenseman position and moved to Goalie in 2001. He was proud of two particular games...1st shut our against Huron and one game he took 71 shots on goal and only lost by one point.

Card Tricks and Magic


Hobbies & Projects

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