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Challengers Leap to the Lead and Never Look Back

Zach’s Game is all About Family Connections

                 It took only 37 seconds for the brother/sister pair of Isaac & Bekah Kolstad (Zach’s Cousins) to score the first goal of the game. The challengers then scored 3 more times in the first period to set Zach’s Team on their heels. While Josh Benck got the only goal of the first period for Zach’s Team. The Challengers added goals by Riley Blake, Paul Tinklenberg and Savannah Quandt with assists from Riley Blake and Brady Sharstrom. End of first period the Challengers were up 4 to 1

                 During the break Zach’s Team was pressuring the Challengers to trade a player or two but the team remained as they began for the second period. Zach’s Team scored quickly with Nate Raffety getting an unassisted goal. But it proved to be the only goal of the period for Zach’s Team while The Challengers added 3 more goals by Isaac Kolstad, Paul Tinklenberg and Brady Sharstrom. Ron Sharstrom got an assist in the second period to end at the second break with a score of Zach’s Team 2 Challengers 7.

                 With a new 20 minute period on the clock in the third period, time was taking it’s toll on both teams. Zach’s Team heated up with 3 goals and an assist from Josh Benck, while Nate Raffety hit the net for the second time in the game and Nick Thymian found the goal with only 12 second to play in the game. But the strong organized play of The Challengers proved to be too much for Zach’s Team overcome as they turned in 5 more goals by Doug Wiley, Pete Lundberg, Bekah Kolstad, Isaac Kolstad and Ron Sharstrom. Challenger assists came twice in the 3rd by Savannah Quandt. Final Score Zach’s Team 7, Challengers 12. For only the second time in 6 tries Zach’s team was outplayed by the Challengers. It was a GREAT game and entertaining for the 150 people in attendance.

                 The atmosphere was a festive one with all participants and fans coming to enjoy an afternoon of remembrance and hockey. With the 13 man roster for Zach’s team lead by flamboyant Coach and lead cheerleader Bob Johnson of Louisburg, whose employment stated he was writing a book titled “How to Look Good in Spandex”. Team members include Steve Raffety-(Goalie) with 37 shots on goal, Luke Kafka, Kyle Arndt, Kole Arndt, Nate Raffety, Cody Backstrand, Nick Thymian, Dan Roe, Josh Benck, Cody Haukos, Luke Backstrand, Brent Hanratty, Christina Shelstad, Josh Zahn-Brookings, SD and Tom Bailey Honorary Player Deployed to IRAQ. The Challengers were lead by Stacy Homan (Coach), Melodie Anderson-Goalie from Mankato East High School with 61 shots on goal and players Paul Tinklenberg, Josh Tinklenberg, Sara Tinklenberg, Isaac Kolstad, Abe Kolstad, Bekah Kolstad, Savannah Quandt, Chris Raffety, Doug Wiley, Pete Lundberg, Rich Raffety, Ron Sharstrom, Brady Sharstrom, Riley Blake, Nathan Nelson, Aaron Zahn, Jesse Holtquist.

                 For the first time the average age of the Challengers has come down dramatically due to several newcomers to Zach’s Game. This year 8 high school age skaters helped with that. Also this was the first time that the family connection was so predominate. With several parent/child or sibling players/volunteers it is refreshing to renew the strength of family behind this game.           3-Tinklenbergs, 4-Kolstads, 4-Raffety’s, 3-Staples, 2-Sharstroms, 2-Zahn’s, 2-Ardnt’s, 2-Backstrand brothers and several members of the Kafka Family are heavily involved in the game and planning of the game. In Zach’s memory may god bless those families.

                 The 6th Annual Zach Kafka Memorial Game was held at Lee Community Center in Morris, MN on Saturday Feb 28. With proceeds from the game going to The Zach Kafka Memorial Fund. Each year the game is organized by Zach’s dad, Dan Kafka. The goal is to bring the players together that played with Zach as Goalie when they all played for the Big Stone Lake Area team. This 6th Annual Zach Kafka Memorial game raised just over $3,600. So far  Zach’s game and other fundraising efforts have raised over $27,300 for scholarships and other charitable causes. Including $5,000 to local scholarships to graduating seniors. $4,800 donated to a scholarship for the Children of Paul & Beth Tinklenberg in memory of Beth, and $3,800 sent to the youth of First English Lutheran Church to attend the national youth gathering in New Orleans last year. Much of remainder has been set up as an endowment to feed future scholarships. If you are a senior in High School and will be attending a college or Tech College next year please contact Dan at Pro Image Partners (320-839-2542 or e-mail: dan@proimagepartners.com) for a scholarship application. All applicants are considered. Applications must be complete and submitted back to Dan by April 30 of this year to be considered. We could not do this without the help of the players, the fans, many volunteers and the game sponsors.

                 The Kafka Family would like to send a heartfelt thanks to Blaine Kolstad for announcing the game, Gene & Brian Benck-running the clock, Adam Helgeson and friends for singing the National Anthem, they did an AWESOME job! Clarissa Blake for skating the flag to center ice during the National Anthem, Alex and Corey Sandhurst for Video Taping, Rod and Lori Gustafson for watching the penalty boxes, Betty Sandhurst and Lori Gustafson for registration of players, Ron and Juanita Staples for the rink and concessions, and game referees, Brian Valek and Jordan Staples. We realize we could not do any of this without you. We are blessed for the continued community support and the desire of all to continue the healing process.

                 Thanks also to the multiple donations form many people and organizations. Specifically the game sponsors.  Hill Motors, Ortonville Independent, Stolpman Insurance, Conroy Eye Care, Watson Law Office, KDIO/KMSD Radio, Nelson Electric, Pro Image Partners, Shady Oak Realty, Northside Med Center, Pro Auto, Raffety Brothers LLC, Border States Coop, Club 7-75, MinnWest Bank, Hasslen Construction, Rural Solutions, Inc., Insurance Partners of Morris, Herberg Harvesting, and Rolling Acres Boutique.


                 Thanks to all. Check out more information at www.Remember Zach.net


Check out the Pix from the game: http://picasaweb.google.com/DanKafka/2010ZachsGame#




Hill Motors-6 yrs

Ortonville Independent-6 yrs

Stolpman Insurance-6 yrs

Conroy Eye Care-6 yrs

Watson Law Office-6 yrs

KDIO/KMSD Radio-6 yrs

Nelson Electric-5 yrs

Pro Image Partners-4 yrs

Shady Oak Realty-4 yrs

Northside Med Ctr-3 yrs

Pro Auto-3 yrs

Raffety Brothers LLC-3 yrs

Border States Coop-3 yrs

Club 7-75-3 yrs

Minnwest Bank-3 yrs

Hasslen Construction-3 yrs

Rural Solutions-2 yrs

Insurance Partners-2 years

Herberg Harvesting-2 yrs

Rolling Acres Boutique-1 yr


The B.O.B.-Louisburg, MN (COACH)

Steve Raffety-Ortonville, MN (Goalie)

Luke Kafka-Ortonville, MN

Kyle Arndt-Ortonville, MN

Kole Arndt-Beardsley, MN

Nate Raffety-Ortonville, MN

Cody Backstrand-Ortonville, MN

Nick Thymian-Ortonville, MN

Dan Roe-Ortonville, MN

Josh Benck-Sioux Falls, SD

Cody Haukos-Ortonville, MN

Luke Backstrand-Ortonville, MN

Brent Hanratty-Ortonville, MN

Christina Shelstad-Ortonville, MN

Josh Zahn-Brookings, SD


Tom Bailey Honorary Player

Deployed to IRAQ




Stacey Homan-Coach (Clinton)

Melanie Anderson-Mankato (Goalie)Paul Tinklenberg-Willmar, MN

Josh Tinklenberg-Willmar, MN

Sara Tinklenberg-Willmar, MN

Isaac Kolstad-Fargo, ND (NDSU)

Abe Kolstad-Mankato, MN

Rebekah Kolstad-Mankato, MN

Savannah Quandt-Mankato, MN

Chris Raffety-Albany, MN

Doug Wiley-Twin Cities

Pete Lundberg-Ortonville, MN

Rich Raffety-Ortonville, MN

Ron Sharstrom-Morris, MN

Brady Sharstrom-Apple Valley, MN

Riley Blake-Ortonville, MN

Nathan Nelson-Ortonville, MN

Aaron Zahn-North Branch, MN

Jesse Holtquist-Odessa, MN





Player Registration

Lori Gustafson-Big Stone City, SD

Brenda Kafka-Ortonville, MN

Betty Sandhurst– Fulda, MN

Game Introductions-Dan Kafka

National Anthem-UofM-Morris Men

Adam Helgeson (Ortonville)

Matt Privratshy-(Walker, MN)

Mark Halvorson-(Cocoran, MN)

Nate Christensen-(Cottage Grove)

Skate the US Flag Center Ice–

Clarissa Blake-Ortonville

Penalty Box-Rod & Lori Gustafson-

Big Stone City, SD

Game Announcer-Blaine Kolstad, Mankato

Video Tape the Game-

Zach’s cousins Alex & Corey Sandhurst

Game Clock & Music-Brian Benck-Bellingham, MN, -Gene Benck-Fargo, ND

Referees-Brian Valek-Ortonville & Jordan Staples-Morris, MN

Zamboni-Ron Staples-Morris

Concessions-Juanita Staples

Game Photographer-Sue Kaercher-Blake