Below is Zach’s Graduation Announcement. We held the open house in his honor, 2 weeks prior to the actual graduation date. It was a beautiful day and we believe that his open house was the only one held that day in Ortonville. It was truly Zach’s Day. What a wonderful memory.

We moved to Spicer, MN in August of 1992. Zach transferred to Prairie Woods Elementary School in New London-Spicer school district. This is where he met his life long friend Kyle Christianson.

1st Grade Picture (Spicer, MN)

1994 Zach, had a chance to go see the Lion King Movie at the theatre. He opted to stay at home with dad to landscape around the garage. This was the first of many great memories that we have of yard work done with Zach’s help.

3rd Grade Picture (Spicer, MN)

In 1995 we moved to Sioux Falls where Zach attended Oscar Howe Elementary School on the West side of Sioux Falls. I remember the first day we were moving into our Sioux Falls home. He came screaming into the yard on his bike...Josh, Josh come on, there are kids down there playing basketball. It didn't take him long to get to know the neighborhood.

4th Grade Picture (Sioux Falls, SD)


September 13, 1985 to July 27, 2004  ALWAYS IN OUR MEMORY

Here is just a few of our favorite memories of Zach and his friends. Thank you to the OHS Class of 2004 for creating the memories.

Zach was born in Faribault, MN at District One Hospital on Friday September 13, 1985. I don’t know why he chose to arrive on Friday the 13th but if you truly knew him...If it was going to happen...It was going to happen to Zach!

Favorite Baby Picture taken at Faribault MN

This Picture was taken in 1991 at Faribault Elementary School. I liked this one since it sets a trend of his hairstyle for years to come.

First School Picture (Faribault, MN)

We lived in Warsaw, MN just 6 miles west of Faribault on Hwy 60. He hung out with his friends Dustin and Derek Ryk and Tony and his sisters. Zach began to follow dad while doing yard work and was always full of advice on how we should do it.

Preschool Picture (Faribault, MN)

1993 we continued to live in Spicer. All of the boys were enjoying living by the lake and challenging mom in her at home daycare

2nd Grade Picture (Spicer, MN)

It was the fall of 1996 that Zach and his brothers moved to Ortonville with their mom.   This is when he began attending James Knoll Elementary School.

5th Grade Picture (Ortonville, MN)

The expression on his face makes you wonder what is he thinking. This is the year that he settled into the Ortonville community and he began to play hockey.

6th Grade Picture (Ortonville, MN)

Zach’s Pictures